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The latest news, technical committee updates, events, and announcements for March 2023.


Video for First 125th Anniversary Webinar Now Available

A recording of "The Value of ASTM International Standards in Today's Marketplace" — the first webinar in our 125th Anniversary series — is now available. Click here to watch video.

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Standards Support Stronger Supply Chains

Allowing supply-chain stakeholders to share information with anyone – without sharing it with everyone – is the focus of important new standards work, including the formation of a new ASTM International committee on digital information in the supply chain (F49). Check out feature article.

Verification Program for Law Enforcement Protective Equipment Introduced

ASTM has established a verification program to evaluate and verify that protective equipment used by law enforcement officers meet relevant standards.

“The standards form the basis for the new ASTM verification program intended to have an independent, third party organization evaluate a product against the appropriate standard,” says Anna Seiple, program director for the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI),  an ASTM International affiliate. Learn more.

Sports and Play Made Safer With Standards

As spring sports ramp up in the northern hemisphere, standards help make them safer. Find out how in this new STANDARDIZATION NEWS feature article.

Exo Technology Center of Excellence Publishes Second Annual Report

Exo Technology Center of Excellence (ET CoE) published its second annual report which overviews the organization’s vision, team, partnerships, acceleration projects, accomplishments, and key metrics. Learn more.


April 2023 Committee Week
Apr 16-21, Denver, CO
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May 2023 Committee Week
May 7-12, Denver, CO

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9th Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence Snapshot Workshop
Mar 27, State College, PA

Packaging Workshop
Apr 19, Denver, CO

Analytical Methods for Hemp Products as Animal Feed
Apr 24-25, Denver, CO

Particle Impact Ignition in Oxygen Enriched Environments
Apr 25-26, Denver, CO


Statistics in ASTM Standard Test Method Development, Application, and Quality Assurance
Mar 6-10, VIRTUAL

Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Processes
Mar 13, Salt Lake City, UT

Diesel Fuels: Specifications and Test Methods
Mar 20-24, VIRTUAL

Property Condition Assessments
Mar 21-22, West Conshohocken, PA

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Practices For Commercial Real Estate: Phase I Site Assessment & Transaction Screen
Mar 21-23, VIRTUAL

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments- 1-Day
Mar 28, Scottsdale, AZ

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments- 1-Day
April 3, Los Angeles, CA

Aviation Fuels
April 4, Baltimore, MD

Introduction to Corrective Action Preventive Action, CAPA, for the Cannabis Industry
April 4, VIRTUAL


Additive Manufacturing

The committee has developed two new standards that cover powder quality and aviation parts, respectively [More].

Amusement Rides and Devices

The committee has approved a new standard that will be used to collect gravitational force data for water slides [More].


The committee (D37) is developing two new standards on quality and materials control for the cannabis industry [More].

Several other proposed standards, two of which address safety and education concerns in the industry, are in development [More].

Consumer Products

The furniture safety subcommittee has approved several revisions to ASTM’s specification for clothing storage units [More].

Dimension Stone

The committee is developing a proposed standard that will be used to test the resistance of natural stone to long-term freeze-thaw cycles found in colder climates [More].

Electrical Insulating Liquids and Gases

The committee has approved a new standard that will cover the use of recycled oil in electrical equipment [More].

Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action

The committee has developed a standard guide for the remediation of nonaqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) in the subsurface [More].

Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment

The committee has approved a new standard that will help improve the safety of protective clothing for healthcare professionals and others who come into contact with liquid drugs [More].

Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants

The committee has proposed a revision to its 2019 standard, (D287), a test method affecting use of thermometers containing petroleum products [More].

Road and Paving Materials

The committee has approved a new standard that will allow those in the road construction industry to extend the service life of asphalt mixtures by more accurately predicting and evaluating fatigue performance [More].

Robotics, Automation, and Autonomous Systems

The committee is developing a proposed standard on grasp strength of robot end-effector [More].

Sports Equipment, Playing Surfaces, and Facilities

The committee is developing two new standards surrounding best practices in pole vaulting [More].

Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Alloys

The committee is developing a proposed standard on new epoxy coating technology that will be used to protect reinforcing steel from corrosive environments [More].

Thermal Insulation

The committee has approved a new standard that will aid in the development of new insulation products [More].

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The committee is developing a proposed standard that will help identify communications security principles and relevant frameworks for securing ad hoc uncrewed aircraft system communications [More].


Petroleum products, liquid fuels, and lubricants committee has presented its Sydney D. Andrews Scroll of Achievement Award to James Brown [More].

Vincent Drnevich and Gary N. Durham have each been presented with the A. Ivan Johnson Outstanding Achievement Award for their contributions to ASTM’s soil and rock committee. Click here to learn more about Drnevich. For details about Durham, click here.

David Forester has received the 2022 George V. Dyroff award for his contributions to the petroleum products, liquid fuels, and lubricants committee [More].


ASTM Participates in NATO Use of Civil Standards Workshop

Jeff Grove NATO

ASTM's VP of Global Policy and Communications Jeff Grove recently presented ASTM's global approach to collaboration and innovation at the NATO Use of Civil Standards Workshop hosted by the Hellenic National Defense in Athens, Greece.


Graphite Testing for Nuclear Applications: The Validity and Extension of Test Methods for Material Exposed to Operating Reactor Environments

Masonry 2022: Advancing Masonry Technology

Progress in Additive Manufacturing 2021

Standard Guides and Practices that Support the Lubricant Condition Monitoring Industry


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