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The latest news, technical committee updates, events, and announcements for July, 2022.


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ASTM Xcellerate Launches

ASTM Xcellerate™, an emerging technology program focused on strengthening the world’s emerging technology from research to standards, has officially launched. Click here to learn more about this exciting new venture, or go directly to

Standards to Address Airspace and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

As the skies become more crowded, standards will help integrate unmanned aircraft into the National Airspace System (NAS) — and even to operate beyond visual line of sight. Read this feature article about a new era for UAS standards.

New Standard Promotes Nanotechnology Education

New standards are helping to train workers for the nanotechnology age. Learn more.

Autonomous Flight On The Horizon

Airplanes, drones, and air taxis or eVTOLS (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) are all under the purview of one advisory committee made up of members from four distinct ASTM committees that share a common goal. Click here for a feature article that explores how standards are helping to make autonomous flight a reality.


October Committee Week
Oct 16-21, New Orleans, LA

November Committee Week
Oct 30 - Nov 4, New Orleans, LA

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Design for AM: Understanding Value

Overview of Cold Spray as a Manufacturing Process

Johnson/Rook Conference on Asbestos
Jul 25-29, South Burlington, VT


Crude Oil Sampling, Testing, Evaluation
Jul 11-15-VIRTUAL

Environmental Site Assessment Processes Phase I-Phase II
Jul 11-14 – VIRTUAL

Introduction to Corrective Action Preventative Action - Cannabis Industry
Jul 19 – VIRTUAL

Environmental Site Assessment Phase I-One Day Course
Jul 21, Boston, MA

Environmental Site Assessment Phase I
Jul 26-27-VIRTUAL

Hands-on Gasoline
Aug 2-4, Holtsville, NY

Property Condition Assessments
Aug 2-5, VIRTUAL

Hands-On Diesel Fuel Test Methods Overview
Aug 16-18, Holtsville, NY

Major Testing Techniques for Plastics: An Introduction
Aug 16-18, Nashville, TN

Environmental Site Assessment Phase I: One Day Course
Aug 17 – West Conshohocken

Environmental Site Assessment Processes Phase I and Phase II
Aug 22-25  – VIRTUAL

NDT Methods: Ultrasonic Testing Level I
Aug 22-26, VIRTUAL

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Additive Manufacturing

A new standard will provide guidance to medical device manufacturers on the use of powder reuse in powder bed fusion manufacturing processes [More].


A new standard will provide credible and achievable specifications for food-grade hempseed products [More].

Electrical Insulating Fluids

The committee is developing a proposed standard for insulating fluids in distribution and power transformers [More].

Performance of Buildings

A new standard will describe in detail the design and specification process for water vapor transmission properties of water-resistive barriers and air barriers(WRB/AB) in building construction [More].

Soil and Rock

The committee has approved a new standard that will help design engineers and regulators when using rockfall mitigation nettings on construction projects [More].


The reactive and refractory metals and alloys committee has awarded Ronald Adamson with the 2020 H.R. “Russ” Ogden Award [More].

The Award of Merit has been awarded to Kathleen Baxter for her contributions to the committee on pesticides, antimicrobials, and alternative control agents [More].

The committee on nuclear technology and applications presented the Peter D. Hedgecock Award to Milan Brumovský [More].

Audrey Boutin has received the 2022 Gary M. Kralik Distinguished Service Award for her significant contributions to the committee on nonferrous metals and alloys [More].

The committee on building seals and sealants has presented the Werner H. Gumpertz Award to Larry Carbary [More].

Ata Ciechanowski has received the Award of Merit for his contributions to the plastic piping systems committee [More].

The air quality committee presented its Award of Merit to Frank Ehrenfeld [More].

The Award of Merit has been given to Tripp Fischer by the committee on environmental assessment, risk management and corrective action presented [More].

Brian Grochal has been awarded the 2022 James A. Thomas President’s Leadership Award [More].

The Award of Merit has been given to Martin Harper for his contributions to the air quality committee [More].

The 2020 John N. Balough Distinguished Service Award has been presented to Laurence Howard for his contributions to the committee on vacuum cleaners [More].

The manufactured masonry units committee presented its Award of Merit to Nicholas Lang [More].

Gerhard Leichtfried has received the 2021 H.R. “Russ” Ogden Award [More].

The Award of Merit was given to Hugh Martin for his contributions to air quality committee [More].

Temperature measurement committee presented the Robert D. Thompson Memorial Award to Joseph T. Mastropierro [More].

The committee on steel, stainless steel, and related alloys presented its Award of Merit to Alex Monsour [More].

Ryan Pelter has received the Award of Merit for his contributions to the committee on steel, stainless steel, and related alloys [More].

The Award of Merit has been presented to Dawn Root for her contributions to the plastics committee [More].

The President’s Leadership Award was presented to John Rosengard for significant contributions to the environmental risk management committee [More].

The water committee presented its Award of Merit to Michael Sadar [More].

The Award of Merit was given to Pamela Shinkoda for her contributions to the committee on gypsum and related building materials and systems [More].

Environmental assessment, risk management and corrective action committee presented the Gwen Eklund Award of Excellence to Paul Sonnenfeld [More].

Roland Warzel has received the Award of Merit for his contributions to the committee on metal powders and metal powder products [More].

Consumer products committee has given the Consumer Award to Rachel Weintraub [More].

Nondestructive testing committee presented the Charles W. Briggs Award to Brian White [More].

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ASTM Staff Attend ARSO General Assembly Events in Cameroon

ASTM's Global Cooperation Department recently spent time with representatives from several standards development organizations at African Organisation for Standardisation's (ARSO) General Assembly Events in Cameroon. Representatives from a large number of Standards Organizations took time to discuss mutual interests, celebrate memoranda of understanding, and strengthen the bonds that ASTM shares with over thirty standards development organizations in Africa.


Durability of Building and Construction Sealants and Adhesives: 7th Volume

Building Science and the Physics of Building Enclosure Performance: 2nd Volume

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