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About Compass Points

Compass Points is a premium tool available on the ASTM Compass Platform. Compass Points act as custom bookmarks that give users the ability to pinpoint important components of standards. Automate your process for managing changes to standards with this live link that stays connected to your standards forever. As standards are updated, users are notified, minimizing your risk.

Data is growing exponentially in engineering and testing. We designed Compass Points to help you keep your standards data accurate and manageable.

How it Works

Each Compass Point includes the standard publisher, standard number and title, creator’s contact, date, time plus notes and overlays. Users can name the Point to associate with a project code, part number, or process ID for easy retrieval.

A spreadsheet view by standard and by account makes it easy to sort your standards data. Compass Points will always keep you informed when a standard is updated, reducing risk for your organization.

Stay Connected to the Authoritative Source

Preserve organizational knowledge with a unique and permanent data ID that is custom to Compass Points. You’ll ensure information shared amongst colleagues is retained, protecting your organization against lost knowledge.

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Easily add overlays, diffs, and exceptions

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Every Point is programmatically created with metadata

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Share your Compass Points with your colleagues in your LIMS, PLM, MBSE, and ERP

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Name your Compass Points semantically according to project code, part number or process ID for easy retrieval

Who Benefits

Engineers, Lab Managers, Installers, Procurement, and Regulators​ all work with data. Often, that data is pulled from standards. Compass Points are kept in perpetuity for every version of standards from ASTM, ASME, API, AASHTO, ENs, and others. An ROI savings is generated by creating efficiencies in workflows.

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Eliminate re-entry of requirements and time of data corrections

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Reference in research and include in lab instructions

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Minimize source for audits

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Easily add to purchase order/ERP



Introducing Compass Points

Discover how this premium tool helps you track specific portions of standards that are critical to your workflow.


How To Make a Compass Point

Watch this video to learn step-by-step how this premium tool enables users to pinpoint important components in standards.


What is Compass Points?

Leverage digital technologies to improve the usability of standards. Keep pace with all the data in standards.

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