ASTM International Committee D37 on Cannabis in South Africa
January 27-31, 2025

Join fellow cannabis industry stakeholders from all over the world for a week of standards development, networking, and learning. 

In 2017, a diverse group of globally recognized industry leaders came together to form ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis and began developing international standards for cannabis under the ASTM umbrella.


Boasting more than 700 industry experts, ASTM Committee D37 has developed over 50 global standards that advance the safety, manufacturing, and quality of cannabis products and processes, with dozens more in development.


This inclusive group empowers a cross section of voices in the industry to shape its future through the collaborative development of trusted standards. Emerging industries such as cannabis turn to ASTM International and our 125+ years of experience as a leading international standards developer.


ASTM Committee D37 members include a balanced cross section of the cannabis industry, including cultivators, processors, distributors, regulators, researchers, and laboratories. 


From craft cultivators to large-scale licensed producers, anyone with an interest in any aspect of the industry is welcome to join and directly contribute to important safety standards.


D37 meets in person twice annually with virtual meetings throughout the year to engage in standards development and address evolving industry needs. In 2025, we will hold our biannual meeting and international conference in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. Join us!


Global Cannabis

Standards Development

Networking and Social

Abstracts, video submission, and sponsors invited. Learn more.

All interested stakeholders welcome. You do not have to be an ASTM member to attend. Registration to open in Summer 2024.

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ASTM Conference on Overcoming Barriers to Entry in Cannabis Industries: Views from Around the World

January 27-28, 2025
Cape Town, South Africa

ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis is excited to sponsor this global event for cannabis industry stakeholders.

Conference Objective and Scope

The global cannabis (and all its end uses, including industrial hemp) industries are diverse, represented by several stakeholder groups, many of whom have been historically marginalized and prevented from participating, even in their own market.

ASTM International Technical Committee D37 on Cannabis recognizes these inequities and wants to provide a forum to listen and learn from more diverse representatives of these global industries.

The goal of this two-day conference is to build a bridge between traditional knowledge, science, and commercialization of the many uses of the Cannabis sativa L. plant, its parts, and associated products so that underrepresented groups have an equal opportunity to succeed in the international cannabis marketplace.

Abstracts Invited

Interested in participating? Submit an abstract describing how your presentation will address one of the conference themes. We encourage you to cover subject matter that is more familiar to you. 

Abstracts should be no longer than 200 words and should clearly describe the learning objectives of the presentation.

Abstracts must be submitted using the ASTM Submission Portal and received no later than June 30, 2024. Accepted participants will be notified no later than September 30, 2024. To ensure your abstract was received into the ASTM database, please email and let us know that you have submitted an abstract.


Tentative Conference Schedule

Day 1

  • Listen to legacy, indigenous, women and other underrepresented groups that have been marginalized and disenfranchised from the international cannabis (and all its end uses, including industrial hemp) market.

  • Learn from those impacted by prohibition. Learn from these mistakes so we can avoid making them in the future.

  • Reflect upon the shared stories and challenges to better understand how to empower groups to overcome barriers to entry.

Day 2

  • Identifying specific barriers to entry impacting legacy, indigenous, women and other underrepresented groups from accessing the international cannabis (and all its end uses, including industrial hemp) market.

  • Embracing philosophies for overcoming barriers to entry.

  • Learning about actions that can be taken to overcome barriers to entry.

  • Uncovering tools that are available to assist with overcoming barriers to entry and ones that are needed.

Can’t make it to South Africa but still want to share your connection with the Cannabis sativa L. plant?

We want to hear from as many affected stakeholders as possible and recognize that not everyone can make it to South Africa.

To make it possible to learn from more diverse stakeholder groups from around the world, we are encouraging individuals to submit a short video explaining how the cannabis plant and it’s parts and products positively impact culture, religion, economics, and other activities associated with daily life.

The videos should be lighthearted and will be used to set the tone of our 2-day conference. Please upload videos to the ASTM Submission Portal no later than June 30, 2024.

Submissions should be MP4 format, and less than a minute in length. Video submission in languages other than English, must provide an English transcript for the video. Videos longer than 1-minute will not be considered. Submitters of accepted videos will be notified prior to the event.


For inquiries on the international conference, contact

Amy King
Conference Co-Chair

Darwin Millard
Conference Co-Chair

For inquiries on standards development meetings and Committee D37, contact

Jimmy Farrell
ASTM D37 Staff Manager