Standardization Impact Report

This report was developed in response to the need for a strategic overview of global innovation trends and the role that standards can and do play in supporting them. The report will be available in sections, with detailed overviews of ASTM’s role in each of these sectors being released over time. Additionally, it serves to showcase the direct links between these emerging technologies and the work of several key ASTM committees.

Internally, the report will empower continued work from the ASTM community, showcase several high-impact standards activities, and can be used in future committee strategy-planning sessions to help define the scope of work in these key industries moving forward.

Explore the sections outlined below, encompassing standardization activities, pertinent news, and future needs.


Executive Overview

The purpose of this report is multi-faceted internally and externally. It was developed in response to the need for a strategic overview of global innovation trends and the role that standards can and do play in supporting them.


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ASTM International organizes collaborative initiatives and technical committees for standards development. ASTM’s approach to standards development emphasizes:

Early engagement in strategic planning

Robust participation of all stakeholders

Leveraging strength of collaborative expertise and ability

Workforce development to prepare the global workforce

Emerging Airspace

New sustainable transportation modes for travel and commerce are currently under development, such as electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, which are anticipated to allow rapid, zero-emission transport of passengers and goods. These developments are being complemented by the expansion of infrastructure to ensure the safe use of drones and passenger aircraft.

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Health and Safety Impact Report

Health and Safety

More consumers are demanding transparency in the safety and environmental aspects of products, and advances in diagnostics and health monitoring technologies are helping to usher in an era of more proactive, patient-driven healthcare. In addition, there is increasing emphasis on consumer safety issues such as the removal of toxic chemicals from products and transparency regarding product ingredients.

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Advanced Manufacturing  Impact Report

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturers are increasingly adopting Industry 4.0 digitalization technologies to enhance manufacturing safety, productivity, and flexibility while making increased use of digital warehousing, automation, mass customization, and on-demand production.  

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Built Environment and Infrastructure Systems

There is a growing demand worldwide for sustainable construction focused on more effective use of resources to build healthier, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly homes. In addition, communities are placing greater attention on natural hazard mitigation planning and community resilience solutions to respond to the impacts of carbon emissions. 

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Clean Energy Impact Report

Clean Energy and Decarbonization Technology

Global shifts toward clean energy economies are driving the development of safer and more environmentally friendly fuel alternatives, increasing the share of renewable energy sources and storage technologies, and sparking a renaissance in nuclear power research to meet future energy capacity needs.  

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