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Circular Economy

Fostering a Circular Economy of Manufacturing Materials Workshop Report

This report presents the key outcomes from the Workshop: “Fostering a Circular Economy of Manufacturing Materials” jointly organized by ASTM International and NIST, key takeaways from the proceeding Survey: Manufacturing in a Circular Economy, and next steps for addressing the standards needs identified in both.

In addition to the standards identified, two key takeaways stemmed from the survey and workshop: first, participants have a transformative, though fragmented, vision for a new way of thinking about how we create and use materials that is regenerative rather than extractive.

Second, participants are motivated to make this vision come true, and they are indicative of a larger desire across the manufacturing sector to implement circularity.

ASTM Committee E60 on Sustainability is well-suited to play a part in developing and coordinating standards that foster a circular economy for manufacturing materials.

Download and read more in the full report.

Download Report

Download Report
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